Sullivan's, July, 1960, somewhere on U.S. 395 north of Mojave...where?

Update: 5/6/21

Today while searching the internet for just where this photo was taken, I came across a place called Little Lake. As I looked at photos there I noticed a CAFE sign that was eerily similar to the one in my photo above. (see below, courtesy of

Check out that CAFE sign!

I couldn't find the location of my photo because the location is gone, as in totally demolished and gone.

I took this photo with my brand new roll of film. I wanted so badly to use my camera (a Brownie Starlet) that as soon as they let out of the truck to stretch our legs, I snapped the photo above. We'd left Whittier early that morning and this was the first time they let us out of the truck, as the driver no doubt was filling up. We were on the first day of our adventure (about 10-15 us) to the Sierra Nevadas, courtesy of the Whittier YMCA. It was my first time out of the L.A. area, so I was excited! You can see the YMCA logo on the back rails of the truck, if you look hard.